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Create and listen PinballDJ lets you create small music compositions of your own. Short, long, simple or complicated – everything is possible, only your imagination sets the limits.
Free Your Inner Musician PinballDJ sets your inner musician free.
Deep in your heart you know this: You always wanted to make cool music.. and with PinballDJ you can without years of practice!.
Many Styles PinballDJ is not limited to Electronic/Dance music. Many music style can be created, just make sure you have the right Toolkit. All sounds and music loops in PinballDJ originates from 'PinballDJ Toolkits'.
Keep a lookout for new releases of Toolkits.
Share With PinballDJ you can share the music you create on the Internet by posting in-play snapshots of your saved compositions.
Sunday, June 24, 2018


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PinballDJ is no ordinary game. With PinballDJ you can create your own music by building tracks of elements known from classic pinball: Props, Boards and Plungers.
The Props will play music – either single notes or small loops – when they are hit by balls. Balls are sent into the system by Plungers while Boards are used to change the direction of a ball.

To 'compose', you place the Props, Plungers and Boards on a blank canvas called a track so that the balls will hit Props and make cool sounds. Naturally you can use more than one Plunger and you can use many Props. Sounds easy, right? And it is, too! But there are many Props with different sounds and every Prop and Board have different properties which you can adjust to make it sound unique.

So, as soon as your iPod, iPhone or iPad is charged (iOS 6.1 or higher), go get the PinballDJ Apps for countless hours of creative entertainment and oh, whatever your create you can share with others on the Internet, by sending them snapshots of your creations.

Have Fun!
The PinballDJ Team

PinballDJ - Composer has been developed with support from 'Nordic Game Program' and 'Danish New Screen - Spilordningen'

New Danish Screen Nordic Game Program

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NEW Toolkits


This toolkit roughs it up with dubstep bass, whines and gritty dark drums. Useful for dubstep, trap or any related style.


One man, one microphone - many, many sounds! A toolkit with BeatBox inspired samples both processed and raw.


Analog eurorack synth system with hardware oscillators and filters.

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    As a musician who loves playing games, I’m always looking for a fun challenging game! Pinball DJ is really well designed and fun to play! I recommend it to anyone who likes or plays music and also likes fun games!

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    What a worthwhile app! I watched the auto-loaded introduction that shows how the app works, and it indeed does produce some interesting electronic sounds in a visual environment. Touch-based editing is a nice feature, quite different from the typical music[…]

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